Selasa, 16 Juni 2015

Zig zag nail art

Crisscross nail art is cute, and makes a truly striking impact. It can be a bit tedious to paint all these small little crisscrosses, so it was the ideal configuration for me to use with gel nail shine. On the off chance that I know I have a truly occupied week coming up and I won't have sufficient energy to stress over my nails, I can do this and have immaculate nail craftsmanship for quite a long time. 

This instructional exercise gets where my past gel nail shine instructional exercise left off, so in the event that you've never utilized gel shine begin there. It gives all of you the novice ventures of preparing the nail and applying the base. 

tips & traps 
  • In case you're feeling befuddled, you may need to look at the introduction to gel shine I posted. 
  • To make a chevron shape rather than a crisscross, do a more extensive network with the dabs closer to the edge of the nail. 
  • In the event that you botch up a line, simply cover it up by making them a touch more extensive! 
  • When you're all completed, apply a liberal measure of fingernail skin oil to your nails. 
  • I chose to run with a more common nail, a tad of sparkle, yet this outline additionally looks astounding with differentiating hues.